Junckers Announces CEO Transition


Junckers embarks on a new chapter as we announce a shift in our executive leadership. We are delighted to welcome Thomas Bendixen.

Lars Gjødsbøl, who has served as our Chief Executive Officer, will depart from his role on December 31, 2023. Lars Gjødsbøl’s tenure at Junckers has been instrumental to the positive position the company is in.

In this time of transition, we are delighted to welcome Thomas Bendixen (image above) as the new CEO of Junckers. Thomas Bendixen comes from a job as Managing Director at ACO Group in Rendsburg, Germany. ACO is the world's leading company in technology for the treatment of surface water and owns the Danish company Plastmo.

Per Kristensen, Chairman of the Board, expresses great confidence in the appointment: "We are getting a CEO with a long and broad experience in the construction material industry, and we are confident that he is the right one to continue the implementation of the strategy we have been working on since 2020."

Lars Gjødsbøl is leaving Junckers to assume the position as CEO at Micro Matic. The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Lars for his great effort and significant contribution to the recent positive development at Junckers.

"Lars has, with his structured approach and great effort, contributed significantly to the substantial economic progress at Junckers in the past couple of years," says Per Kristensen on behalf of the Board, and at the same time, “we wish Lars good luck with the new challenges.”

On behalf of the Board,

Per Kristensen